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Why mobile web apps are a fail (most of the times)
Julian Buss, June 15th, 2012 14:35:43
Tags:  xpages  mobile 
First, please read this blog post from Jake Howlett, be sure to read the comments, too.

His experience is a good example why mobile web apps are pointless for many businesses: a mobile business App is for the personnel in the field. In most cases, the field will not be restricted to your own country, where you have a data plan for your iPhone, iPad, Android or whatever device.

So when you make a step across the border, and use a mobile web app, you have good chances to drive your company into bankcruptcy. Inside the EU, there is a limit for how much network providers can charge for roaming, but outside, only the sky is the limit.
And even in the EU, it's super expensive and there is no way you can use a mobile web app with data roaming on a regular basis.

But even when you stay in your own country:
  • You go to your customer, the customer has his office deep inside a big building, and you're doomed. No network.
  • You're traveling by plane or by train - doomed, no or only minimal network.
  • You're traveling by car and a collegue is driving - nearly doomed, since there are so many gaps in the network even along the Autobahn.
  • Your customer is in the country - doomed again, because there is no 3G network and the mobile web App is so slow that you just can't use it.

The only usecase I can see for a mobile web app is when you can clearly define in which places you will use the app, and that these places have excellent network coverage and are covered by your data plan.

Am I wrong? Do I miss something?

So far, I think, mobile business apps just need to be offline capable. And if you need such an app, please have a look at our Domino To Go solution.
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